If you hunger for horsepower,
we will help you harness it.

Dodson is the world leader in aftermarket dual-clutch transmission components for high-horsepower applications. We design and manufacture our world record-breaking product range at our facility in Auckland, New Zealand, and distribute via a global network of over 200 dealers and installers in 40 countries across six continents.

Before being the best,
you need to be thorough.

Because milliseconds matter, Dodson engineers leave no stone unturned in our rigorous design and development process. We spend countless hours in the lab, on the factory floor, and in the cockpit concepting in CAD, iterating designs and testing our products to improve durability, wear resistance, reliability and heat dissipation. We test our products on our own fleet of DCT vehicles, and partner with our customers to push the limits of our products on their custom builds. Our internal processes are guided by lean quality control principles implemented by executives and consultants with deep experience in OE automotive plants.

Ground-breaking innovation Lives at the heart of everything we do at Dodson.

Our Heavy Duty and Extreme Duty gearsets and Superstock, Sportsman’s™ and Promax™ clutches deliver unrivaled performance for any dual-clutch equipped build, whether chasing a record or racing on a budget.

Proudly made in New Zealand,
for the world.

The Dodson name has been synonymous with the automotive industry in New Zealand for four generations. Originally developed to support Harry Dodson’s circuit racing R35 GTR, the Dodson product line-up has been painstakingly expanded over the years to cover a range of vehicles by a dedicated team of engineers, technicians, production specialists and support staff who take great pride in the Dodson brand, our products, and the implicit quality of New Zealand manufacturing. Dodson employs sales and support staff globally to serve our customers around the world.


@rswest_ca keeps Evo's on the road or track with Dodson SST clutches and transmission parts. As part of their build, they used our heated sump kit. (Part #: DMS-7104)

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At Dodson, we have meticulously crafted our GR6 HEAVY DUTY 1-6 GEARSET (DMS-7932) to not only exceed industry standards but also to include a range of components that set us apart from the competition. Our all-inclusive kit is designed to provide unparalleled performance, reliability, and ease of installation at an economic price point, making it the ultimate choice for mid-level builds in the 1,000 to 1,500 horsepower range.

The following components are provided in the all-inclusive kit:
Case hardened, steel alloy, precision ground gearset specially designed to increase strength and resist fatigue.

Facilitates easy gearset disassembly.
Fastens more robustly than the OEM circlip.

Eliminates any gap between the gearset and OE thrust plate which may arise due to variations in the OE components.
Required only with the OE thrust plate, as the Dodson thrust plate doesn't require this shim.

Provides a cost-effective replacement versus expensive single-use OEM filters.
Reusable on a go-forward basis.

Hollow OE selector shafts can bend, solid high strength steel Dodson replacements are rigid.
Dodson selector shafts are designed specifically for the Dodson gearset, with a 3mm offset.

Designed to be narrower, accommodating the wider gears in the Dodson gearset.

Serves as a preventive measure against the circlip pushing the splines off the shaft due to thrust forces.

Significantly stronger than the OE fork.
Compatible with the Dodson gearset selector shaft and 3mm offset.
Wear-resistant surface finish.

Replacing worn or damaged OE circlips ensures the overall integrity and functionality of the gearset.

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Dodson GR6 is fully stocked and always ready to go at @tcpracingchen!

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It’s no ordinary Tuesday at @colabgarage! They’re gearing up for @tx2k . Who’s joining us? See you there!

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Exciting news! The Dodson 10.5 Index Class has just been added to the @eurodragwars lineup‼️‼️‼️

We're proud to sponsor this class and support the upcoming @xonarotor @eurodragwars event at @raceosw on February 18th. See you there!

#dragrace #dodson #eurodragwars #orlando #florida

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@toimport has begun assembling the transmission for Chile's most powerful Nissan GT-R, relying on Dodson components to bolster the build. Stay tuned for a powerhouse in the making!

#gtr #gr6 #dodson #nissan

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As the world leader in aftermarket drivetrain components for high-horsepower applications, Dodson is committed to continuous improvement and providing our customers with the most innovative and reliable products possible. We are excited to announce the launch of our next generation FORGED, ONE PIECE DL800 HALF SHAFT KIT (DMS-7192).

Crafted using state-of-the-art forging techniques and premium materials and heat treatment methods, these half shafts offer unparalleled strength and durability, maximising torque transfer to the wheels.

This new one-piece forged design increases strength and torque capacity while eliminating the risk of oil leaks that arises with splined hubs.

The kit is compatible with all DL800 applications and bolsters the DL800 drivetrain for drag and other high output applications.

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Elevate your transmission with Dodson's reusable metal mesh canister filters—a small investment for enduring quality. Step away from disposable filters and embrace a lasting upgrade that ensures reliability and longevity for your transmission.

Pic: @cphinny

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@amsperformance is committed to excellence, using only the finest components in their DCT program. Dodson products, including clutches and gear sets, are included in their success, delivering exceptional results.

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Out with the old and in with the NEW Dodson PDK clutch kit!

Pic: @oficinamkspec

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@colabgarage has been busy cranking out work for DL800 transmissions. Another Dodson Promax Clutch for our latest in house twin turbo Audi R8 build.

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It's 2024, Dodson is ready for you! As we get ready for an exciting year ahead we're Calling all fast PDKs to show us what you've got!

Video: @esmotoruk

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Now that the holidays are over who’s ready for race season? We are!

📸 @gidi28

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🎉✨ Happy New Year from Dodson! ✨Wishing you a year filled with success, both in life and in business.

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Get ready for power! Behind the scenes with @orbit_racing installing our PDK clutch to tackle the extra power from the @bydesign_sambo turbo kit.

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🎄✨ Happy Holidays from Dodson! ✨🎁 Wishing you a season filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Thank you for being part of our journey this year. Here's to a fantastic holiday season and an even brighter New Year ahead! 🎉🚗 #happyholidays #dodsonfamily #seasonsgreetings #dodson #dodsonmotorsport ...

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Struggling with PDK clutch slip on your Porsche 991.2 Turbo? Want to boost grip and reliability? Check out how @regalautosport tackled these issues on a customer's car with @dodsonmotorsport and @wavetrac_differentials! 🚗🔧

Video by @regalautosport

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