Dodson Motorsport are world leaders in aftermarket dual clutch transmission components for high end and performance vehicles.

We comprehensively develop and test the products we offer using our own vehicles that include high performance offerings from Nissan, Porsche, VW, BMW and Audi.

With a global network of over 200 dealers and distributors enthusiasts can access our performance parts worldwide.

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Top Upgrade Choices

Filter - Transmission Pan- R35- R35Tpf [Tariff Code: 8708.40.1110]
Super Stock Standard Replacement Clutch Kit 600Ft/Lbs - R35 [Tariff Code: 8483.60.4040]
GTR R35 Gear Set - Extreme Duty 6 Speed 2- R35Ed6Sgs2 [Tariff Code: 8483.40.9]
PDK UPGRADE PACK-911 and 991 4WD [Tariff Code: 8483.60.01]
Fluid - Oil Transmission- Dodson Dms- Dmstfp [Tariff Code: 2710.19.3040]
Ring - Sleeve- Selector- R35 - R35Gsr [Tariff Code: 8708.40.1110]
Clutch - Promax 13 Cpm Alloy With 13+13 Plates R35- R35Cpma13 [Tariff Code: 8483.60.01]
Filter - Reuseable Transmission- R35 - R35Tf [Tariff Code: 8708.40.1110]
BMW - Sportsman's Plus 10 plate clutch
Volkswagen Sportsman's Plus Clutch for DQ250 [Tariff Code: 8483.60.01]
Clutch - Sportsmans Plus Evox- - Evoxcskplus [Tariff Code: 8483.60.01]