(Hardware/License )Motec - Dms M1 Rhd- R35 - R35Motecm1Rhd [Tariff Code: 8708.40.1110]


Product Code: DMS-7157

8708.40.1110 - Kit includes:
M150, Licence, Air Temp Sensor, Network Cable
Adaptor Box, Breakout Loom, Stub Loom,
LTCD-NTK, Lmbda sens/loom


The Motec R35 GTR Engine Plug-In ECU Kit is a fully programmable replacement for the factory installed ECU. This kit plugs into the standard wiring harness which means no re-wiring is necessary. All essential OE functions are maintained including Dash, Traction Cont and Gbox Systems. This System uses the Motec M150 ECU.