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Gear Set - Extreme Duty 6 Speed 2- R35Ed6Sgs2


DMS ED6SGS2 Standard Ratio.
Gearset Refinished and polished prior to delivery. ...


Dodson Motorsport GTR R35 Extreme Duty Gearset in standard ratio for the GR6 Transmission with Straight cut 3rd and 4th gears. Full 1-6 Gearset including 2/4/6 cluster and Input Shaft. Gearset Includes: Dodson 1-6 gears, (Standard 6th) Dodson Straight Cut Cluster(Standard 6th), Dodson Input Shaft with sleeve bearing, Dodson Mechanical Circlip & Shaft Plug. Dodson Extreme Duty HDSFB 35 selector fork and Selector Shaft, Dodson Gear Lock, Dodson Circlips (thrust bearing circlip 1,3,5 / 2,4,6. Dodson Motorsport Park Paw, Dodson Cluster Bearing, Dodson Output Shaft End Float Shim, Straight cut gears still hold a quiet In-Cabin shift sound. DMS TFP SPORT OIL TO BE USED WITH DMS GEARSET

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