Clutch Core Exchange Programme

DMS Clutch Core Exchange


What is a core?

It's the base unit, which is the external component of the clutch.


What are the benefits of the clutch core exchange programme?

- Ready for immediate dispatch
- Reduces installation lead time
- Eliminates costly assembly issues
- Prebuilt with exact measurements and clearances


Which Dodson Motorsport clutches require core exchange?

- Evo X Sportsman’s Plus Clutch (EVOXCSKPLUS)
- BMW Superstock Clutch (BMWCSS)
- BMW Sportsman’s Plus Clutch (BMWCSKPLUS)
- VW Sportsman’s Clutch (VW02ECSK)
- VW Sportsman’s Plus Clutch (VW02ECSKPLUS)

What are the steps in purchasing these clutches with cores?

1. Send us your purchase order. Let us know if you want to purchase the core or prefer core exchange.

2. If you opted for the core exchange, you don’t need to pay for the core(s) to get your order shipped. However, you need to provide your credit card details (i.e. filling out the credit card online registration form). Please note that we will charge your credit card if the cores are not returned within 30 days or returned cores are not in good working condition. If you need to keep the core for a longer period, let us know. Here’s the link to the form:

3. Once payment is settled, we will ship the fully assembled clutch in a protective plastic case to protect it from shipping damage.


What is the core return procedure?

The core return process is based on the exchange system. When you buy any of the fully assembled clutches mentioned above, you send us back your old core.

1. Cores must be complete and in rebuildable condition. Burned products or any cores broken, damaged or destroyed through incorrect use, dismantling, handling or transportation will not be accepted.

2. Here’s what you need to return:


Evo X Core

- Outer housing
- Clutch centre (core)
- Small basket
- Big nut
- 2 small circlips


BMW Core

- large circlip

- outer housing +lid
- large nut
- 4 bearings


VW Core

- large circlip
- outer housing + lid
- 1 small bearing underneath the large basket
- 4 bearings at the bottom of the outer housing

3. Within 14 days upon receipt, return the core using the original transport box. Go to to book collection.
4. You will then receive a DHL link. Please fill out the required fields.
5. Print the shipping docs and attach to the core box. If done correctly, courier will arrive and pick it up.

If you have any questions, please contact