Expansion of European Distribution with Exedy Clutch Europe Agreement

Dodson Motorsport has some exciting news for our loyal customers and followers. We are passionate about our work and seeking to expand distribution in Europe. “Next week, the company will be growing its sales to the European sector with a market release commitment that we are proud of,” says Steven Parker – General Manager of Dodson Motorsport. “We are eager to see the market development that can come about through this partnership with EXEDY Clutch Europe”.
EXEDY Corporation, formerly Daikin Manufacturing Company, was founded in Japan more than 60 years ago and is world-renowned for manufacturing OE manual and automatic transmission components. The company produces manual and motorcycle clutches, torque converters, parts for construction machinery and agriculture vehicles, among numerous other products. It has more than 18,000 employees and 44 subsidiary companies based in 25 countries. The networks cover Central America, North America, Japan, Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
“With our partnership, we will have 8 salespeople operating in Europe to handle day to day product inquiries with an inventory holding in Europe to improve the speed and ease of delivery to over 53 countries. We are pleased to announce this news and hope you will follow us on our journey” says Parker.
The History
Since its founding in 2000, Dodson Motorsport has earned a global reputation for its quality dual clutch transmission parts for high-end and performance vehicles. Nearly two decades later, the company has become a world leader in transmission upgrades. All products are rigorously tested on the streets and the track to ensure reliability and durability exceed OE standards and that of our customers as well.

Glenn Cupit, a qualified automotive engineer, and Harry Dodson of Dodson Autospares came together 18 years ago to establish Dodson Motorsports. The company currently operates with teams of technicians, marketing and management staff, with a thorough R&D department. We work systematically to deploy our entire product range around the world.
Origins in Racing
Dodson Motorsport’s origins in the racing arena have come in handy when developing its product lineup. Upon garnering a name for excellent fabrication and tuning work, the company expanded in 2007 to meet the demands of high-end cars. With this, came the development of its popular dual clutch transmission components. 
The teams put in countless hours, including comprehensive track days, to achieve the company’s winning formula. The finished product is a wide range of components that work to reduce heat and consequently improve power delivery, output, grip and overall reliability.
Key Products
Dodson Motorsport began its timeline of success through the development of transmission technology to the Nissan GT-R R35 market. Made from precision billet high-tensile steel and aluminum, this CAD-designed clutch is CNC cut for precise fitment. It also features Exedy technology with patented friction discs. The 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 plate clutch assemblies were an industry-first and innovative project that has since been applied to other applications.
Dodson soon after created premium patented clutch upgrades to suit the Porsche®PDK® transmission. Following that were developments in dual clutch transmission advancements and complete clutch sets to suit Honda®, BMW®, Volkswagen®, Audi® R8 and Lamborghini Huracan® transmissions.
No One Left Behind
Dodson Motorsport continues to break record after record with its product lineup and is determined to further its reputation. With a global network of more than 200+ dealers and distributors, we are now able to offer auto enthusiasts what they need to meet their wildest performance dreams. No matter if the requirement is for racing pleasure or high output on the roads, Dodson Motorsport has a product to fit.